Intimate, Not Intimidating

Chef John May presents Cinco de May-o

Certified Sommelier/Chef John May, a Durham native,  has a long history in the hospitality community. He has served as an executive chef of Piedmont and a sous chef at Vivian Howard’s Kinston restaurant, Chef & the Farmer.  Of course to us, he is just the cool wine guy that tries to keep interesting and fun wines on our shelves, while expanding our knowledge on how to pair foods with wines. John graciously agreed to provide some recipes for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo or suitable for any Taco Tuesday. Let us know which wines you would like for us to bring to you. 

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Chef Eddie Wilson's Sunday Dinner Recipes

Many of you know that DRINK likes to make connections between wine and winemaker, wine and food, professionals and consumers ... the list goes on and on... 

Chef Eddie Wilson is a friend of ours, who has found time on his hand due to the Hospitality Shut Down 😔. We are lucky as he has been gracious to supply some recipes for our DRINKers that any home cook will find Approachable & Appetizing, 

We have paired each meal with some of our special wines in the $30 - 100 range. 

Of course we can always recommend some of our value wines that pair as well.

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More Recipes for our DRINKers